An Afternoon Walk

I was on my own today because Sam was working and Helena accompanied Isabel to a dance competition which was out of town and they aren’t even home yet and it’s almost 1 a.m.  These things can go pretty late but I expected them in by midnight at the latest.
Anyway, I went for a lovely little walk in the afternoon, to smoke a joint and to try and work out a little poem that had been floating around in my noggin since I was out smoking a joint on the balcony this morning, just after everyone left.

The idea of the poem is what if we achieve a total knowledge of the universe and a sense of what it’s all about, like total enlightenment, then where do we go from there, like will life still be as interesting once we’ve solved all of our problems and everybody is working in concert.
I worked over to that semi-wild bit between us and the river, which is steadily turning into a modern, developed area of offices, homes and businesses, mostly offices and businesses actually.
First thing I saw was a couple of pheasants, just walking around.  Then, I couldn’t keep my joint lit, it was kind of windy, so I went up to the side of a tree to re-light, blocked a bit from the wind, and then as I walked away I saw a dead pheasant at my feet.  Then, as I walked on, I saw a drone fall from the sky.  I wasn’t sure what it was, I thought it might be another pheasant, falling dead, it seemed to be a pattern, but then I heard a beeping and walked over and saw it in the grass but I didn’t see anybody around, and from where I was you could see a long way around.  Anyway, no business of mine so I walked on.  Looked back at 50 meters or so and did see some fat kid come for it.
Then, I continued and eventually wound up walking through the new Dock In development, a whole new neighborhood being built all at once.  Most things were not open, some things are not completely built, but there was a trendy coffee place and a trendy juice bar, neither one of which had many people.  Then I walked through a street fair and back across the dam which sets the Dock In’s harbor apart from the Vltava, and looked down and saw a Nutria swimming.  They have become quite common in Prague in recent years, some ecologists say they are an invasive species and a pest, but I think they make an interesting addition.  Kind of like plump, rounded otters.  Then my footsteps turned homeward but, just before I left the wild prairie I saw three hares, just moseying along.
It was  a nice walk for wildlife, and I did finish the poem, and everybody’s home now and that’s my blog for tonight.

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