It’s All in How You Look at it

A lot has been written recently about how, scientifically, there is no such thing as race.  I hope it’s not racist of me to disagree, because I disagree.  In fact, I think this is PC nonsense.
Obviously, the people of Earth are not all of the same race.  We come in a variety of skin colors, and it’s not random.  Two white parents, from a small town in Minnesota, are not likely to have a black child.  If a white child is born in an African village, it’s an albino, not a Caucasian.  We have different skin colors and differently shaped and sized features, and they come from our parents, because our parents are the same race we are.  Sometimes that leads to a mix of races, but for somebody to be mixed race, there have to be races to mix.
Of course, the differences are within certain parameters.  We all have two eyes, two  ears, and a nose.  We are alike enough that we are attractive to each other, and can interbreed.  That just means that we are all of one species, not that we are all the same race.
“It’s just a social construct,” they say.  As are a lot of things, I suppose.  We define a table as an elevated flat surface, used to put things on, but it’s different from a chair or a shelf.  We classify animals as mammals because we give live birth and feed our babies on milk, but why don’t we classify animals according to the environment they live in, in which case the whale would truly be considered a fish.  But, we have decided on one set of criteria for purposes of classification, and there it is.
Same with race.  Social construct or not, it does reflect a real, and obvious, physical reality.  How we deal with it is another matter entirely.

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