Netflix Update

Just because I haven’t written about this for awhile.  I’ve exhausted most of the programs I really wanted to see, and now about half of my time is watching old episodes of Deep Space 9, and the other half searching for new programs, most of which are obvious shit before you get through one episode.
DS9 holds up for the most part.  There was one episode where they traveled back in time, to like the 1990s or something, and they had a thing called ‘The Interface’.  It was all clunky looking old computers with green letters, but they had the right idea.  Of course, the writing was on the wall, even then.  There are some characters I like a bit better than before, some less.  First time watching, when I was in my 30s, I had the hots for Kira Nerys.  Now, I find Jadzia Dax infinitely sexier.  Also, I’d kind of forgotten how obnoxious Julian Bashir can be.
Since “The Good Place” (which is one of the most original, and intelligent comedies, that’s ever been on TV), and Continuum, which I was kind of tired of by the time I got through it, I’ve been looking for something else worth binging on, and not quite finding it.  I’m watching two at the moment.  One is called Timeless, and it’s about a crew of time travelers whose job is to NOT interfere with the time line, while they chase another guy around who is most definitely screwing up the time line, and they can’t really trust their bosses, either, because they’re controlled by a weird cabal which has existed for centuries.  It’s not very good.  All of the characters are kind of lame, and the historical things are way over-simplified and it’s propaganda for the official narrative, at a level small children can understand.  Another is Limitless, based on the movie of the same name, which was an awesome movie, but this is more a cop show with a gimmick.  It has it’s entertaining moments, and it’s rare to see a positive aspect to drug use,  so I’ll give it a bit more time.
And keep looking.

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