Joe Biden’s Drunk (or worse) Speech

Joe Biden’s campaign is off to a rocky start.  He has made a joke, not an apology, out of his overly handiness with young girls, his Anita Hill apology was rated as insincere by Anita Hill herself, his first meeting was with a bunch of lobbyists and wealthy donors, which did not go unnoticed, and his speech Monday…
Well, OMG is about the only way to say it.  I suppose a lot of other Americans couldn’t pronounce Allegheny County either, but for a Pennsylvania native, who is actually in Allegheny County giving a speech, it’s pretty bad.  Hustle for hospital could have been a Freudian slip, I suppose, with the state of health care in the U.S.  But what does extredible mean, as in ‘everybody took extredible cuts.’
The speech was full of stuff like that.  When I saw it, my first thought was “Fake News” but there is actual video of the speech (check link) and it’s been in lots of papers.  So, this is for real.
I see two possibilities.  First, he was drunk.  It’s possible and I don’t necessarily see that as a disqualifier for high office.  A bit careless, perhaps, in front of a major, televised speech, but not a major crime.  I have voted for drunks before.  It’s the kind of thing that if it’s a candidate you like, you’ll say it’s no big deal, and if it’s the other team, you’ll see it as an unforgivable offense.

It’s not as bad as plagiarism, for instance, which Biden’s been caught at before.  In fact, the speech was so bad it’s almost its own proof that it wasn’t plagiarized.  It certainly sounded like he was drunk.
I’ll be real surprised, however, if he comes out with a statement that says “Sorry about that speech, everybody, it had been a long day and I was hammered.  I’ll try not to do it again.”  That might win him a few votes, but I still don’t expect to hear it.
The other, and much more ominous, possibility is that it’s actually a campaign tactic.  Maybe he’s thinking “Hey, the inability to pronounce simple English words like ‘dignity’ and ‘hedge fund’ has worked for Donald Trump, maybe if the people think I’m a huge moron as well, they’ll vote for me.
It’s worrying to think he might think like that.  It’s even more worrying to think he might be right.

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