Bike Day

Went for a nice, long bike ride today, because it’s the first of May and a holiday and we kissed underneath a flowering cherry tree.
It was a cool day, we were a bit worried it might rain, but it never did except for a few sputtering drops.  As we left the house, I was struck with this thought:  if, when I was about 8 years old or so, I had got a message from the future, saying “Your wife will give you a bike for your 65th birthday,” I would have thought “Great, that has all the elements.  That’s a long and happy life right there.  Health, love, recreation.”  And,  it’s true.  That’s pretty much how I feel.

We started off on our usual path, along the Rokytka, through the park in Vysočanska, but then at a point after that, we took a different turn to head in the direction of Hloubetin and, ultimately, Kbely.  I estimate it was about a 30 kilometer round trip.  Helena said it was actually a bit less than that, but I told her I was going to tell everybody 30 kilometers, so that’s that.

It was nice, just going a direction we’d never been before.  We crossed over a living bridge, plenty of grass and trees and room for small animals to cross the freeway, and a bike path, and we biked around a small airport but a plane landed right while we were there, always a powerful moment.
Now, I have been to Kbely many times, I teach there once a week, but I know one way in and one way out and that’s by bus, so we got well lost, but the whole trip was discovering new territory.
Stiff and sore now, but feeling quite virtuous.

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