The Animals in the Zoo

We took another bike trip today.  This time it was to the zoo, because Helena had some free tickets from work and we hadn’t been for awhile.  It was the two of us and Isabel.  Sam was working.  Sam is always working.  At least, I hope he is.  He tells us he is.
The street that goes up to the entrance, between the zoo and Troja Palace, was blocked for construction or something, and we get separated and lost from there as Isabel and I didn’t see that Helena had cut through the parking lot, which was the correct way to go.  So we bicycled the length of the zoo, thinking maybe there was another entrance, but there is not.
Eventually we got it all together.  The first animals we saw were the sea lions, and we were right on time for a show, they did a few tricks, like dogs, and we got a bit of an informational talk, and then we saw the penguins, who were just standing around not doing much, and the gavrials, there was one with 5 turtles riding on his back, like he was a bus, then the flamingoes, who were in fine form, just walking around on the beach and making all sorts of noise, flamingoes are party birds, it’s a Miami disco, then some very small monkeys, then another kind of monkey, and then the gorillas , and some more monkeys, and then we took the chair lift up to the top path and we went and saw the elephants, and the giraffes, and there were some zebras in with the giraffes, and some small antelope type of animal.  There are about a million types of antelope, apparently.
Then we stopped for lunch, I had fried cheese and french fries, the star of Czech Cuisine.
It was a lovely day and one of the nicest things about it was that it was kind of cool and not too crowded.  I hate going to the zoo on a hot day in the middle of summer.  It’s crowded, and sweaty, and tense and uncomfortable.  But, on an overcast Sunday, the crowds weren’t too large at all, and it seemed that a lot more animals than usual were up and about, being entertaining.

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