Changes in the Hood

We first moved into this neighborhood in October of 2002, just after the flood, and our criteria for choosing this location still hold true.  We wanted a quiet neighborhood to raise children in, with easy access to public transportation and not too far from the center.  It’s still all that, but it has changed.
Construction has pretty much been non-stop over the last 15 years and there are at least 3 modern business parks, and several apartment complexes, which have been built in that time within a 5 or 10 minute walk of our front door.  It’s generally a positive thing.  Certainly the value of our flat has gone up.  Like, multiplied by about 4.
But I just saw drawings of the newest planned apartment complex, and I’m not at all sure I’m happy about it.  The building itself doesn’t look too horrible, standard 21st century white cubist, like stacked sugar cubes. It’s the statue next to it that’s giving me pause.
It’s a David Černy thing.  He’s the sculptor who did the babies crawling up Žižkov Tower, and the pink tank, and the purple upraised middle finger floating on the Vltava, and the rotating head of Kafka, and a few other things.  He’s the most famous Czech contemporary sculptor by far, and most people like his work a lot more than I do.  I’ve never seen what the big deal was with those stupid babies, but whenever someone visits me in Prague, that’s one thing they want to see, because they’ve heard about it.
Anyway, the statue is big and silver, a bit like the Kafka head, but it’s a full human figure, masculine, the height of the building.  I guess it’s supposed to look like he’s holding up the building but from the picture I saw it looks a bit more like he’s leaning on the building, like some drunk giant who’s stopped for a bit of outdoor urination, which is in fact a longstanding Czech tradition so maybe that’s appropriate.
It’s going to happen whether I approve of it or not, so we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll grow to like it eventually.

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