Funny, and Informative. Four Stars.

Bernie is a stand-up guy, and campaigns mostly by explaining his own policies.  He doesn’t waste time trash talking his opponents, as so many other politicians do.  However, his supporters are not so constrained, nor should we be.  It is not only our constitutional right, but our civic duty to point out the flaws of all opposition candidates.  Of course, Bernie’s opponents are busy pointing out his flaws, constantly, but just screaming ‘Socialist!’ at everything is starting to wear thin.  Besides, 70% of the American people want Medicare for All, socialism or not.
Anyway, here is a little site created by (I assume) a Bernie supporter.  It is called Biden 2020, but except for the title and a smiling picture of Old Joe on the front page, it is most definitely not a pro-Biden site.
It shows a lot of his worst positions (pro-segregation until the mid-70s), some of his dumber quotes, and a montage of groping photos and videos.  Now, personally, I think we should fight him on the issues (like his treatment of Anita Hill), and the shot of the biker chick sitting on his lap doesn’t really belong in the montage, because she was clearly right into it and that is the whole difference, but overall it was funny.
And very informative.  All about how he voted for the Iraq War, and the death penalty, and how much he hates marijuana, and how he voted against Gay Marriage, and against abortion rights.  And, of course, his son Hunter Biden’s crooked relationship with a Ukrainian oil company, and the lengths they went to to cover it up.
So, a great site.  I’d like to see something like this for ALL candidates.

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