A Couple of Small Things

Of course, I would prefer to be 28 again, but today I got a 5 year metro pass for only 120 crowns, and that’s essentially for life because in five years I’ll be 70 and then it’s free.  As a friend pointed out to me just after I got the pass, they never really check us any more anyway, which is usually true but I like having the guarantee.

It’s not just the money.  It’s the elimination of any hassle.  I guess that’s a first world problem, the minor irritation of the pass running out every 3 months, usually on a day when you need to travel and don’t have time to renew it.  On the other hand, it can be renewed over the phone and I’ve just never learned how to do it, leaving that chore to Helena.  See, first world problem.

I thought I’d have more to say about that, but I don’t.
Another thing I did today, just a couple of minutes ago, was to change poetry sites.  Of course, if I were really determined, I would be posting my stuff at several different sites, but I don’t want to become a spammer and I know I find it irritating if I see someone posting the same thing several times.  Anyway, I went back to Rattle’s Anything Goes poetry group from Rattle’s Poetry Workshop, because I didn’t feel I was getting enough response, certainly not enough constructive response, for the workshop.
I seldom got any replies when I was posting on R.A.G. before, but at least I’ll be being ignored by a larger number of people

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  1. I have a hard time remembering to ask for the senior discount.

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