Biden’s “Gaffes”

They say Joe Biden makes a lot of ‘gaffes.’  Once upon a time, back in the days of innocence, I used to think “Well, old Joe is a garrulous guy, it’s only natural that he should occasionally say the wrong thing, that doesn’t make him a bad guy.”
That was before 2016, before the curtain was drawn back, before the full corruption of the Democratic party became plain for all to see.  That was before Bernie Sanders.  Now, of course,  I see that they are not gaffes, they never were gaffes.  He truly does have some hideous positions, and occasionally he talks about them.  He really did support the Iraq War, and the Patriot Act, and he really did work to get a lot of people incarcerated, and he really is against the legalization of marijuana, and he really did brush  Anita Hill off and get Clarence Thomas confirmed to the Supreme Court, and he really meant it when he said (recently) that he loved taking those sweet, sweet, lobbyist payments, and he really did mean it when he said (this is also recent) that we should find the ‘middle ground’ on climate change.  I don’t know exactly what he meant by that.  Is it that we should only half destroy the planet, or that we should only destroy half of the planet?
I saw a video today with congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, who made a real good point.  She didn’t specifically say Biden, she just said she didn’t understand those people who said the Green New Deal is ‘just too much.’  I’m paraphrasing now, but this was the gist of her point:  If we were to put solar panels on the roof of every home in America, it would not be too much.  If we were to have windmills stretched out in a line all the way from Oklahoma up to through North Dakota to the Canadian border, it would not be too much.  If we were to recycle every piece of plastic, every shard of glass, every shred of paper and every tin can it would not be too much.  If we were to plant a billion new trees, it would not be too much.  Even a trillion.  Even a hundred trillion.  If we were to have high speed trains running from Seattle to Miami and New York to L.A., it would not be too much.  If we were to plant organic, urban gardens in every poor neighborhood, and on the grounds of every high school in America it would not be too much.  You cannot have air and water that is too clean, food that is too fresh, soil that is too free of contaminants.
So, Joe Biden saying we should find ‘middle ground’ on climate change is not a gaffe.  He totally meant it.  It is just absolutely, completely and totally wrong.


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2 responses to “Biden’s “Gaffes”

  1. Anonymous

    Gen IV Nuclear is the future.

    • Maybe. I’m not against nuclear in principle, but Fukushima showed us the danger and we have to be skeptical of energy companies saying “it’s safe now, this time it really is.”

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