Down to Modrany

We took a little bike ride today.  Well, about 30 km all told.  Helena and I were totally wacked by the end of it, but Isabel was just fine.
We took the path that starts from our house to the river and then left, south, toward the center.  Mostly just because we haven’t been that way for a while.  We had to dismount the bikes and walk a couple of times, we kept running into large groups of people mingling amongst food stands, sipping wine and eating all sorts of concoctions.  This should have been expected, in Spring, in Prague, on a lovely warm day after a couple weeks of shit.
We stopped for a snack after we got clear of all that, like down around Modrany or nearly, and I thought the ice cream looked delicious so we all had one.  H and I thought it was pretty good, I was disappointed because it wasn’t actually ice cream, it was a frozen fruit swirly, but it was refreshing.
Then we pedaled on a little further to take a ferry across and ride back on the Lesser Side as they call it in Czech.   Here we saw some sheep and then a swan swimming with 6 or 7 little downy gray babies, and we all stopped and some much more competitive type biker nearly hit me and shouted rather angrily, I guess I was dawdling in the middle of the path.  My bad.
Then we got to a point where the path went no further but, voila, there was another ferry crossing but this one not only crossed the river, it dropped us significantly north of where we’d boarded, so that shortened our trip a bit, which we were starting to be quite desirous of.

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