Distrust of the Polls

There are polls and there are polls.  There was the one about a week or so ago which showed Biden totally kicking ass.  Then somebody pointed out that they’d only asked people over fifty.  At least, in the lower age categories it showed n/a.  I figured even at that, it was shady, because I’m 65 and love Bernie, and I know a lot of other people my age do, too.  Then it turned out they’d only called land lines.
So, that was a fairly significant incidence of fraud on the part of the main stream media, and I’m certainly not inclined to believe any polls  since then, at least the ones that show Biden leading.
His crowds are small, sad small, he’s got a long history of bad policy, and nothing to get anybody excited.
On the other hand, I see a lot of internet polls with Bernie crushing the opposition, but these are polls that get passed around Bernie sites, and there are at least a couple of them every day.  Sometimes it backfires, and the Trump trolls will break through and flood the poll, or Andrew Yang’s people, who are all computer geeks and vote 10 times each.  I don’t hate Yang.  I think UBI is an idea worth talking about, but the amount he’s talking about amounts to a bribe, not a change in personal lifestyles or the overall economy.  Besides, I’m pretty sure his campaign has already peaked, so I’m real suspicious of polls that show him in the lead.
Anyway, Bernie marched the other day in a pro-choice march in Birmingham, Alabama.  Did any other candidate do that?

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