May is Almost Gone

Theresa May has announced her resignation as Prime Minister, effective June 7th.  This does not mean that there will be a general election.  The conservative party will choose someone to replace her, and from what we’ve seen of the conservative party, it will be somebody as worthless and horrible as May herself.
Brexit is still moving forward.  May, like Cameron before her, just doesn’t want to be around when it happens.  Like a dog that shits on the floor and runs away.
I am a bit surprised.  In America, a politician has to be caught fucking a sheep to be forced to resign, and sometimes not even then.
Merely doing something that does your country serious damage just to pander to your xenophobic, racist base wouldn’t be nearly enough.
Don’t get me wrong. I am happy she is resigning.  She is a horrible person, who is willing to screw millions just so her and her rich buddies won’t be forced to pay taxes, and the more of her ilk resign, the better of the world will be.
But I’m not optimistic it will make any real difference.

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