A Poem for Bernie

Here’s a little poem I wrote yesterday.  I want as many people as possible to read it:

In a world of competition

People jostle for position

with the pre-ordained condition
that we step on other people

It’s embedded very deeply


It is primitive and tribal

We see everyone as rivals
way back then, it was survival

Now, that instinct’s obsolete

Now, the planet is completely


Blanketed with human beings

who, of course, don’t all agree

So many different ways that we

perceive the world we’re living in

and that is where we must begin


The air we breathe, the atmosphere

the waters that once ran so clear

the rich, black dirt that every year

brings forth new grass, the Sun, the weather

These are things we have together

Yet, the rich own all the land

the very ground on which we stand

and everything is zoned and planned
The one per cent have made things so
and that is just the way things go


They use all the world for profit

only worth what they make off it

and they snicker and they scoff at

those who want to make it better

“You’re just jealous, you’re just bitter


Maybe you should just work harder

Maybe you should just be smarter”
as we struggle, and we barter
as we seek and as we strive

every day of our short lives


But every day the world keeps turning

There are embers that keep burning

There is hope that springs eternal
even in the darkest night

that everything will be all right


We’ll find methods and devices
to create a world that’s nice

a little bit of paradise
with windmills planted everywhere

and trees to cleanse the filthy air

All the homeless will be housed
and all the hungry will be fed
and, instead of endless war
there will be love and peace instead
and, as one, we’ll move ahead

Still, there will be those who try
to douse the flames, to tell us lies
because they know that when we rise
the world will have no further need
for all their pettiness and greed


Still, as long as we remember
we will fan that glowing ember

Till it is a raging flame

that rises high into the night
and leads us with its brilliant light

Rise like lions in defiance!
Rise like phoenixes and giants!
Rise, as one and show the world
that, this time, it’s the people’s turn
Rise, as one, and Feel the Bern



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