The Clearer Headed View

A couple of weeks ago, when there was the now-infamous land line poll, in which only old, technologically challenged people were interviewed (they only called land lines), and Joe Biden was promptly, and loudly, declared the winner of the poll and the presumptive Democratic nominee.
Polls themselves have little weight, there’s a new one every day on Facebook.  The amount of press a poll gets weighs a lot.
So, knee-jerk Berners like myself were outraged, and have posted many posts about DNC shenanigans, press shenanigans, and how outrageous it is that they are trying to rig the primaries again, and to rig them in favor of a losing candidate.
Then I saw one comment from one guy on Facebook, and he (I think it was a he, maybe it was a she, it doesn’t really matter) said (I paraphrase)  We should learn from this.  We should be campaigning in the Old People’s Homes, and at Bingo games, and any place else that old people who still have land lines hang out.  Because that’s a demographic that’s often overlooked, and could probably be won to our cause.
I realized right away that this poster was right.  It doesn’t do much good to point out that the mainstream media is biased.  They won’t change, and the general public has forgotten about that poll already.
So, we need to address that demographic, and pivot to the next poll, the next speech, the next issue.
It is often said that no one’s mind is ever changed by an internet comment.  Well, mine was.

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