Why Bernie Will Win

Of course, the major hurdle is getting the Democratic nomination.  The DNC, and their allies in the mainstream media, which is virtually all of the mainstream media, are dead set against him and not at all unwilling to cheat.
But, just look at all the bozos they’ve put up against him.  Buttigieg and Messem list mayor as the highest political office they have achieved.  Marianne Williamson wrote a couple of self-help books.  Castro was once Secretary of something.  And, among the candidates with more impressive resumés, Harris is pro-prison, Booker is pro-pharmaceuticals, O’Rourke is against medicare for all, Klobuchar throws things at her interns, and Elizabeth Warren does not have a history of coming out on top in arguments with Trump.
Bernie needs 51% of the delegates on the first ballot, or the DNC will cheat (again) and lose the election (again) because they’re cool with that, they’ll still get paid.  I think he’ll get it.  He’s just that popular.
Then, there is the question of the general election.  My brother is a blue no matter who person and he’s worried that Bernie Sanders will be another George McGovern.  Here’s why I don’t think so.
Blue no matter who is basically two groups of people.  The DNC, of course, will officially stand by their own pledge.  It will be reluctant, but they’d look real hypocritical if they said they were voting for Trump.  Some may do that, of course, in the privacy of the voting booth.  But their numbers are negligible.  We’re talking a couple of thousand people -those who are holding a high enough office that the corruption money is worth it to them.
Then there are the rank and file blue no matter who voters.  They will have no problem voting for Bernie.  He’s for all the good things.  Like cleaning up the environment, and giving everybody health care, and legalizing marijuana, and not starting wars.  These are popular positions.
Then, there are the conservatives and independents who like and admire Bernie even though they think some of his policies are wack.  Likeability is important.  It’s what most people base their vote on.
Of course, the press will try to dump on Bernie every day, because they are all controlled by billionaires, but they won’t be able to ignore him any more, once he’s the nominee.  And, no matter what they write about him, it winds up making him look good.  Because he’s Bernie.

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