Damn, this is the problem with binge watching, it’s almost 1:30 in the morning and I look up and haven’t written my blog yet.  It’s an interesting premise, but mostly lots and lots of action.  The idea is there is another species that walks among us, Homo Sensorium, and they come in clusters of 8 people who can read each other’s minds totally, like live vicariously in each other’s bodies, and so the Korean lady kick boxer is always getting called to Africa, or London, or Mexico, to kick somebody’s ass, and the trans girl in San Francisco is hacking computers for everybody, and the African bus driver gets called on as the getaway driver, and the Chicago cop or the German safe cracker come in whenever it’s a big shoot ’em up.
Occasionally, they offer a bit of scientific insight into what’s going on, they explain the premise better than most shows which use sci-fi as an excuse for action adventure, and they also deal with some real ethical dilemmas and at a few points make reference to how their connection resembles what’s beginning to happen via the internet, but mostly it’s fast paced action, great music, and interesting characters in interlinking stories.
A bit too much gay sex for my tastes, but fair is fair, there are plenty of heterosexual sex scenes, too, and I’m sure there are some people who would like fewer long, drawn out martial arts scenes where you know who’s going to win, and some would like fewer scenes of hackers typing away like mad, racing against the clock, or other cliches.
Over all, a goddamn brilliant damn show.

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