Bagel and Bacon

Yesterday the wife and I were out doing stuff, we had to go to the American embassy because she wanted to find out about getting a Green Card and we waited about an hour and then they said we should just apply on-line, but the woman we talked to was very nice about it.
It was raining when we came back out but trams are frequent, so  we didn’t  get too wet and we went to the food court at Zlaty Smichov (Golden Smiley?  Something like that).  We went to Kavarna Creperie and it was very nice.  I had a bagel with chicken strips, camembert cheese, and bacon which struck me as humorous because bagels are, originally, a Jewish delicacy and, you know, bacon.  Not kosher at all.
So, I wrote a little poem about it:

Cultural diversity
or cultural appropriation
this morning at a creperie

I had a bagel with cheese and bacon

I posted that at a couple of my poetry groups, as I do.  I’m not selective.  I don’t post absolutely every poem I write, because even as biased as I am  (I maintain that I am the most under-rated living English language poet in the world.  Which doesn’t necessarily mean I’m great, but you don’t get much more under-rated than not rated at all) I know that some of the stuff I spew is completely without merit.  But, a four liner which makes sense and includes a little humor, sure.
I didn’t expect much reaction, because I never get much, even with my best work, but there were a couple of comments.  And by a couple, I mean two.  In the first, a woman expressed her outrage.  “What is this?  Is this an attack?  Is this a request for information?  You obviously don’t understand what we’re trying to do at this site.”  (It’s a poetry site.  People post poetry.  Most of it is really long, doesn’t rhyme and is angsty as fuck.)
Her second comment was “You know what.  I’ve seen your previous posts, and you contribute nothing of worth.  You’re blocked.”
I suspect she was reacting to my last poem, which was an ode to Bernie Sanders.  Those Hillary people have no sense of humor at all.
But, now I’m the one making assumptions.

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