John Delaney didn’t like it that he was booed at the California Democratic Convention.  “If you can’t listen respectfully to other Democrats, how do you expect to beat the Republicans” was his response (perhaps not exact words)
John Hickenlooper was also booed.  Maybe it’s not a big deal, because neither one is a serious candidate, but both of them were criticizing Medicare for All, and they were warned, months ago, that that would be a litmus test.  The Cadem gathering made that clear.  Any Democrat who is against Medicare for All is not going to be taken seriously, is not going to be acceptable to the progressive wing, and has zero chance of winning the general election.

As far as Delaney’s comment that we should listen to him with respect: fuck off.  You are saying that people should just stay sick and die if they don’t have enough money, and that is beyond barbaric.  That is downright Republican.
Hickenlooper not only criticized Medicare for all, he criticized the Green New Deal.  In other words, not only should people stay sick and die, but we should do everything within our power to destroy the planet as swiftly as possible.
A bit of booing seems a moderate response.
After all, we are in the realm of political debate now.  An audience is not required to like everything you say and, just as they will cheer if you say something good, so they will boo if you say something bad.
It has often been suggested, on Facebook, that they add a “don’t like” button, and I’m all in favor of that.  Let’s hear public opinion as it is, in real time, always.  If your opinions don’t win you respect, then you have a problem.

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