Biden’s Bullshit

I remember a time, not long ago when a careless comment could ruin a politician’s career.  Remember how Al Gore was mocked for saying that he was influential in the development of the internet (even though it’s actually true, he was very influential)?  Remember Howard Dean’s scream (which really wasn’t that big of a deal)?  Remember Dukakis in a tank?  Remember Ed Muskie shedding a tear in New Hampshire?  Maybe I’m dating myself with that one, I’m sure very few people under 60 remember Ed Muskie.
But today, Joe Biden said if elected he would find a cure for cancer.  It will probably get some well-deserved mockery on social media, but I doubt very much if it will totally cripple his run.
There’s just so much wrong with this statement.  First, if he’s got some idea of how to cure cancer, maybe he should tell people what it is.  Secondly, he’s not exactly fighting for Medicare for All, which would allow everybody to get regular check-ups, and a lot of cancers might be caught earlier if that were the case.  Third, a lot of cancers are environmental, and Joe Biden is not exactly a champion of green causes, or a particular enemy of the oil industry.  Fourth, Joe is adamantly opposed to the legalization of marijuana, and there’s lots of evidence that marijuana, and some more pill looking things that are marijuana based, can cure some cancers.

So, he’s not as anti-cancer as he presents.

Undoubtedly Biden fans (which includes almost all of American media, apparently) will write this off as a bit of over enthusiasm, a noble goal rather than an actual plan.  I see something darker (which might be just because I hate Biden, so readers are allowed to take this with a grain of salt.  Just a grain, mind you)
It seems to me that Biden may be the one candidate in the race who has paid attention to Trump’s electoral success.  Trump says “I’m a genius,” and his followers love him for it, so Biden says “I can cure cancer.”  He has realized that saying extremely stupid things at least gets you headlines, and there’s no downside.
Certainly, the press is not going to hold him accountable.

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