Bratty Brits

The most infantile and misdirected protest I’ve seen recently, maybe ever, is the British delegates to the European Parliament turning their backs during the European Anthem (I hadn’t even realized the Europe had an anthem, but apparently it’s Beethoven’s Ode to Joy).
What were they protesting, actually – Europe?  That makes no sense.  Europe is not forcing the U.K. to leave Europe.  In fact, most Europeans (like most Brits, I suspect) are against it.  On the other hand, Europe isn’t forcing the U.K. to stay in the union.  Actually, the EU is being about as big on this issue as they can possibly be.
Stay, go, do what you like.  So, why are they turning their backs?  It’s sort of like “We’re leaving and you can’t make us stay even though you’re not trying to make us stay, well we don’t like you and that’s why we’re leaving and so we’re going to turn our backs on your stupid song, ha ha.”

I can’t imagine what positive results they expected to gain from it.

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