This Beautiful World

One aspect of Facebook (and probably other social media platforms, too, I don’t know, I spend most of my time on Facebook) is that everybody seems to have much more beautiful and interesting lives than I do.  Somebody (on Facebook) once explained it to me, though.  “When you compare others lives to your own on Facebook, you are comparing their greatest hits album with your blooper reel.”
And that’s all true, but the fact is I don’t mind all that much.  A lot of people post pictures of their beautiful homes, and the view from their front porch, and I think that’s lovely.  Many people live in beautiful places, and it’s good to be proud of where you live.  Even more people post pictures of their beautiful vacations, and that’s great.  Sometimes it’s just them having drinks at a cafe, and that’s O.K. if you know them, but sometimes it’s pictures of beautiful beaches, or breathtaking mountains, or majestic mosques, monuments or cathedrals.  You see quaint village street scenes, old fashioned buildings, and marvels of modern architecture.
You could almost start to think the whole world looks like that and the amazing thing is, the whole world could look like that.  We’ve obviously already made a start, as there as exotic and lovely locations all around the world.
All we need to do is dramatically fix up the parts in between them and we’ll have that  utopian paradise that right wingers (who are living in hell) like to laugh about.

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