Bullshit Arguments

I’m certain I’ve written the same blog I’m about to write, or a version of it, once or twice before, probably going back to 2015.
But, it is clear and it is true that when people want to argue with me about  Bernie, or when people post stuff criticizing Bernie, it’s always the same arguments and they are super lame arguments, which have nothing at all to do with whether or not you like his policies.
70% of Americans, roughly, like his policies, when they are presented for polling each one individually.
He’s too old, some people say.  Well, he is up there, no denying.  It would have been nice if he’d been elected in 2016, when he was 3 years younger than he is now, but it doesn’t matter.  He’s in fantastic health.  He shoots hoops and plays baseball with kids, he marches in several parades a day and runs makes more public appearances than anybody.  He is the model of what a 77 year old man should look like, a shining example to us all.  They should be asking him questions about what he eats and how he stays so fit, and other than that not commenting on his age.
“I just don’t like the way he talks,” they say, “always wagging his fingers.”  Well, that is one way of making a point.  It’s a bit more dignified than Beto O’Rourke jumping up onto tables and flapping his arms like a chicken.  “He’s too argumentative,” they say.  Well, this is an election and he is a politician seeking office.  He’s actually expected to be argumentative.  This is not a negative thing at all.
“He won’t be able to get any of the stuff he promised passed.”  Well, that’s true of any candidate.  All a candidate can do is state their policies, let us know what they’ll try for, and then they have to deal with congress.  Bernie’s pretty good at dealing with congress, (the amendment king) and even back when he was mayor of Burlington he had a rep for working with people of opposing viewpoints to get things done.
Socialism.  This is a strange one.  Ask them if they are against public education, or a public police force, or the interstate highway system.  These are all examples of Democratic Socialism.  What’s super weird is that he gets attacked by some to the left of him, saying he shouldn’t say Democratic Socialism when he’s really more of a Social Democrat.
Really.  People say that.

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