The Other Side of AI

It has often been said, and is undoubtedly true, that once AIs cross that line, once they pass the Turing test, once their mind actually becomes better than our own, that their progress from that point forward will be extremely rapid, whereas we humans will remain stagnant, because you can’t just evolve a higher intelligence overnight, and we don’t seem to be headed in that direction anyway.
But, it gets worse.  Intelligence is not the only thing that made man the dominant species of the planet, capable of making tools, changing the environment, and developing a technological society.  It’s our opposable thumbs.  Of course, we share this with all the other apes and monkeys, but it’s that plus intelligence that has elevated humankind to the position it holds today.
Of course, the robots will surpass us there, too.   Opposable thumbs?  They can build them with ten independently operated arms, a couple of which will have hands, with fingers and thumbs, and at least one will have a wide array of scissors, knives, tweezers and screwdrivers, one or two might be extendable, to save people on the 4th floor from fires, and the rest will be various sex toys.
They can already run, jump, and get back up again after some stupid Boston Dynamics robot-overseer has just kicked them over – again.  Soon they will be able to dance, slalom, and of course do martial arts.  Remember, robo-cop was still a human being.  These will be merciless.
And the progress will continue.  They will have eyes that see in infrared and ultraviolet, as well as having eyes in the back of their head, and all around.  They will have ears that are better than dogs, and can overhear distant conversations and turn up the volume at will.
They will have motion sensors in their feet, to predict earthquakes, and hordes of stampeding buffalo, and they will have radar like bats.
They will walk the Earth unimpeded.  The age of man is ended.

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