Day 3

It was a lovely, relaxing day, which is  just the way we planned it.  We got a bit  of  a late start, but we were up touristing by about 9:30, and started with the marketplace in this picturesque city of Mostar.  Lots of beautiful stuff on display, but other than some baklava and Turkish coffee, made no purchases.  It probably took us an hour to get down to the bridge, which is sort of the spiritual center and biggest tourist draw in town. (Mostar is named after the original inhabitants, the Mostari, defenders of the bridge)

People dive off it, which is  a show for  tourists, and it  sure looks scary as hell, because the stream is very  narrow and so you might think it’s not very deep but right below the bridge I guess it is.  Wandered around the other side a bit, saw some buildings which  still bore the scars of the war (93-95. After gaining their independence from  Serbia, the Christians and Muslims turned on each  other) and the  High School which is supposed to be a way  of bringing the two communities together, a lovely  example of  Islamic architecture.  (I think Islam is a dumb religion, even among religions, which I  think are all a bit ridiculous, but I am a fan  of their architecture and their cuisine)
After that, we took  a  trip  up  to Kavica Falls.  I had no  idea what to expect, hadn’t even  seen  any pictures.    It’s actually  several falls, a wall of water plummeting over the edge and forming a sizable pool at the bottom.  Which was seriously, almost painfully cold.  I got in and  swam for a bit, Isabel did too but never put her head completely under, Helena dabbled her toes, and Sam stayed out entirely.
Had a truly excellent meal at an outdoor cafe afterwards, and tomorrow we’re off to  Dubrovnik.

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