Winning Strategies

In sports,  in  business, certainly in dating, when you find a  strategy  that succeeds  for  you, you are likely to  repeat that strategy.  The same is true  in politics.
Donald Trump is an  extremely  stupid man.  Just based on his  spelling and use  of language, I’d guess  his IQ is in less than  triple digits.

But, he knows this.  Way back when  he  made  his Mexican rapists and drug dealers comment, and all Democrats (myself included) said “Well, that’s that one gone, he’s  toast,” and his poll numbers didn’t plummet but actually  rose, he realized  he had a winning strategy.  He  doubled  down  on  it again and  again.  And he won the election.  So, he’s doing it  again.  The ‘go  back  where  you came  from tweet’ is as blatantly  racist as you  can get.
It makes sense, and it might  even win him  a second term.
The Democrats, on  the other  hand, lost the  last election.   If this were sports, or business, or dating, and they were trying to succeed, they would not repeat the same strategy (i.e. doing everything they can  to keep a candidate  who is popular with a wide cross section of the public from winning the nomination)  Yet, they  are.  Either they  are incredibly incompetent politicians, stupider than Donald Trump, or trying to lose.  I  suspect the last one.
It’s not that over 50% of the American people are  racists.  That number  is  probably  closer  to  30%  It’s the same percentage  of Americans who believe that  the  world  was created, in a single day, 6,000 years ago.  It’s  the same percentage who believe the story of Noah  and his  Ark is literal.  It’s the same percentage who believe that  global  warming is a hoax.
It’s always around  the same  number,  because it’s the same people.
One might think that 30% is not enough  to win an election, but it  is when only 50% of the  people  vote.
So, all the Democrats need to do is field  a  candidate who  people are excited  about, who  people  will turn out in droves to vote for, and there’s only one  of the  current crop of  candidates  who  has that appeal.  It isn’t creeper  Joe  Biden.  It isn’t Kamala  the crooked cop.  It isn’t Elizabeth Warren, even  though  she’s saying  all  the right things.  It  certainly  isn’t Corey “steals medicine from old people” Booker, and it isn’t  the  failed  mayor  of South  Bend, Indiana.
It’s Bernie Sanders.

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