The Alternative to Corfu

Our plan  for today was to take a ferry  across to Corfu, just to be in a different country for a  day,  and we  all like boat rides.  But, when we found  out it was going to  be 290 euros for a family of four, we scrapped  that plan.   We decided just  to drive south to  Greece instead, as  we’re less than  two hours from the border.
I think it was a very good decision.  We swam  at two different  beaches, the second of which was  absolutely the classic beach you look for.  Free, sandy, not too  many people and most of them locals, showers  and changing rooms.  There was even a playground for the little ones, but our little ones are already quite a bit too  big for that.
We had a lovely Greek lunch after our swim at the first beach.  I  had shrimp,  the kids had souvlaki, and Helena had  a hamburger which was the only thing that  wasn’t very good.  The side  dishes – a Greek salad and a  plate of tzatziki – were excellent, although  the  tzatziki  was thicker, creamier, and less cucumberish than I remember from previous visits.  The price was  less than I thought  it would be and  they gave us  a free dessert, a plate  of  watermelon, because there’s always  room  for watermelon.
We made it back  to Ksamil before  dark  because  Helena didn’t want to drive at  night and we went out for waffles, because  nobody was hungry enough for  a full  meal.  Despite the  over-commercialization  of the beaches here, and the  fact  that some parts  of town look like a rubbish tip, there is a bustling main drag for tourists, and  our table  was right  next to the sidewalk.  An excellent spot for people  watching.

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