Last Day in Ksamil

On our  last day here, the town of Ksamil  somewhat redeemed itself.  Although I still  think it’s overly  commercialized and  kind of tacky, and could do with  a good  clean-up, there were three  distinct  moments  today when  we saw quite different sides of it.  I might even  recommend it to others, with some conditions.
We were late getting  out of the house  this morning, I think we were all a bit worn out  from our trip  to Greece and the kids  didn’t even  get up  until 8.
After a morning at the  beach, the  little patch  of public beach, we went for lunch at a  place Sam chose, and it  was  one of the most  incredible  views  I have ever had in a restaurant, a panoramic view of the town and the sea and the islands.  Quite spectacular.  The food was O.K., I  had a pizza but also finished Helena’s Bulgarian salad, because  she  didn’t  like  the  cheese, which I thought  was delicious (it was a bit salty) and Sam’s seafood risotto, because he didn’t want the mussels.  After that,  we retired  to the apartment for a couple  of hours, and then  went to another beach, where the plan was to rent a paddle boat, if  it wasn’t too expensive.  It was 1,000 leks  for an hour (almost  everything costs 1,000 leks, which is  about 8 euros), which we decided was within our budget.  As soon as  we  got a bit away from shore, the town looked  very  different and the islands did not look so far  away  at all, and there are  quite a few of them and people were boating, and swimming, and diving from rocks, and  I even noticed quite a  few  hardy souls swimming between the islands and the shore.
So, I guess the thing with Ksamil is you can have a great time if you don’t mind spending 8 euros, several times a day, for everything you  want to do, and a bit more than that for meals.
Then we came home, showered again, and went out for dinner.  I was just looking  for someplace to have a coffee and a desert, but also  wanted to walk  around  town for a bit, Sam wanted a meal and didn’t want to do anything  at all, and Isabel made it  clear  that she’d  just as soon have stayed  in the apartment, and was  quite grumpy about it.  We settled on  a place called “Fast Food” which had the same view as the other place but this time at night, and Helena and I had small gyros, which were entirely big enough, and Sam  had a large.  If  we’d have  found that place  on  the  first night, we might never have gone anywhere else.  (much cheaper)
Tomorrow night we’ll be sleeping in  Montenegro.

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