I am back in Prague and straight back to my  old habits, i.e. spending too much time on Facebook and watching Netflix (current two binges:  Lemony Snicket, and one I just started called Another Life, which is about a space mission to make first contact and it’s kind of fascinating but hella dark.  All of the Star Trek series had a bit of comic relief here and there, I prefer that) and smoking too much pot.
Last night didn’t write my blog because it just got too late and I got too stoned and told myself I’d write it in the morning but there’s no one single topic that presents itself and on Facebook I’m currently involved in a hopeless conversation with a group of Hillary die hards saying vote blue no matter who but, of course, in the end they won’t if the nominee is Bernie Sanders.  That’s going to be the hardest demographic for us to reach.  The rednecks will come around with the offer of Medicare for All and fuck the rich, but with the Hillary people it’s that they resent us just as much as we resented her.
So, my goals for the next week are to clean up my poetry page here on gurukalehuru, so that when people go there they see only books and not the pages of random notes and rubbish, and to get my next book “Cup of Tea” (which was just a working title but I think I’m going to leave it because my wife would like that) published.  But, those are two things that depend very much on my IT department (i.e. aforesaid wife) and she told me I need to write her blog and stop nagging at her and she’ll get on it.
So, blog out, until this evening.

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