Warren – Don’t Do This

Elizabeth Warren is getting a lot of good press lately. They’re calling her a candidate with bold new ideas. They’re saying she’s on fire, or surging. Part of that might not be a bad thing. It makes it harder for other candidates to be critical of universal health care, seeing as how Bernie’s been advocating for it for decades.
And a tax on the ultra-wealthy is a great idea, too. Again, Bernie was there first. And college debt forgiveness. Thank goodness Elizabeth came up with that plan, and it’s very fortunate for the Dems that it’s the same as Bernie’s plan. Should be easy to work together.

The thing is, Elizabeth Warren made the wrong call when she didn’t endorse Bernie before the Massachusetts primary in 2016. I imagine she thought she would be Hillary Clinton’s vice president, but the big money people said no to that, and she was left with nothing. She might have been offered a place in a Clinton administration, but that was not to be. Warren bet on the losing horse, and when you lose your bet, you lose your bet.

Now, the press is united and praising Warren, but if she were to get anywhere near 51%, those same rich people who are now praising Warren to the skies would turn on her. Once they can get past the first ballot without a winner, they call in the superdelegates and nominate some total piece of shit. (Cenk Uygur also pointed this out) Because bankers are still Bankers and Elizabeth Warren, as lightweight and compromised as she might be, is still too far to the left for them.

If Warren can’t see that she’s being used, that she’s being played again, then we may have a serious problem.

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