Media, Exposed

I was wondering at what point American media was going to drop all pretense and straight up start lying openly to their readers, and viewers. I think it has happened.
I saw so many op-eds today about the debate that said things like “Joe Biden did well, because he looked somewhat less like a corpse than at the first debate” and barely mentioned Tulsi Gabbard at all, unless it was to revive the old charges, which have all been answered and do not amount to a hill of beans anyway. Yes, she talked to Assad. And I agree with her that the U.S. should not be involved in Syria. This is a good thing.
They watched the same debate everybody else did. They could not have helped seeing, and hearing, Tulsi Gabbard’s righteous, bullet pointed evisceration of Kamala Harris.
It was a golden moment in the History of American Eloquence, it was a summation worthy of Perry Mason. She spoke calmly, and used her time well. Four hits. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. You sent 1500 people to jail for marijuana and then laughed about smoking it yourself. Boom. You tried to block evidence (a DNA test) which exonerated a death row inmate. Boom. You kept people in prison because prison’s ‘needed the labor force.’ Boom. And you continued the cash bail system, which discriminates against the poor. Boom.
And Kamala answered “I’ve worked really hard and California has 40 million people so we’re the biggest” and a lot of blather like that. Because, what could she say? It’s all true.
Approximately 10 million people saw this happen, live. The press can’t ignore it, and still maintain any credibility at all.

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