Debate Summary

Well, the second Democratic debate is over, and it couldn’t have come out better for a Bernie/Tulsi enthusiast like myself.
Bernie made Tim Ryan look like a sad puppy, confused that anyone would yell at him for shitting on the floor, and exposed John Delaney for the bribe taking toadie he is.
On night two, Tulsi the giant killer gutted Kamala Harris. She talked about how she blocked evidence that would free a man who was condemned to death, how she laughed about smoking marijuana after convicting 1,500 of the same, kept people in jail to use as a labor force, and didn’t try to change the cash bail system, which is quite unfair to the poor.
She didn’t mention that Harris failed to prosecute Steve Mnuchin, that she stopped co-operation with victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests, or that she was totally cool with cops turning off their body cams.
Still, four points was enough for a takedown, and so it was done.
Kamala totally failed to respond to the charges, even though she was given a chance.

Taking a step off my partisan podium for a second, I must admit that a couple of other people rose in my estimation a bit. Elizabeth Warren did great, Her “why are you running for president?” line, directed at John Delaney, was totally on point. In fact, if I hadn’t been paying attention over the last 4 years or so and wasn’t therefore inclined to think of her as a backstabbing weasel, I could grow to like her. Pete Buttigieg, while he continued to present nothing at all, did impress me as a good speaker at least. And, Marianne Williamson. Not sure why, but she reminds me a bit of Barbara Walters, the way she talks. Perhaps a bit of a flake, but not stupid. Not presidential material, but someone it’s interesting to have in the debates.
The main thing, though, was Tulsi. If this doesn’t force Harris out of the race, then the press isn’t doing their job.

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