Biden v. Trump

Donald Trump again, because it is a day, has come out with something mind bogglingly stupid, when he offered his condolences to the people of Toledo, Ohio, on their recent mass shooting. He meant Dayton.
But, this time he’s not likely to receive too much criticism for it, or too much press attention, because if you point out that Trump said Toledo instead of Dayton, you have to point out that Joe Biden offered his condolences to all the people in Houston and Michigan (as opposed to El Paso and Ohio).

Joe has had a reputation for gaffes his whole career, and I don’t necessarily think a slip of the lip or confusing one city or state for another should be disqualifying. If that kind of thing happened with a candidate I actually liked, I’d be justifying it and making excuses for them. All American cities look alike, sort of. Ohio is right next to Michigan. Easy mistakes.

But, it does point up a serious problem with him as a candidate. We won’t be able to laugh as long or as loud at Trump’s misspellings and incoherent statements, because Biden makes them, too. We’ll mention one, they’ll mention one. People will be so busy arguing about which one is the bigger drooling moron that Health Care will barely be mentioned.
Just like the whole notion of Trump being a sex craved pervert will not be mentioned as much because there are all those videos of Joe Biden sniffing hair and laying his old man hands on little girls who were kind of skeezed out.

The Democrats need to nominate somebody who is as different from Donald Trump as possible. And Joe Biden is not it.

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