Gravel’s Endorsement

Mike Gravel thinks like I do. He has heaped words of praise on Tulsi Gabbard, and obviously thinks she would make a fine president, but he has given his official endorsement to Bernie Sanders.
That’s the way I see it as well. I think that’s the way most Tulsi supporters see it. We are Sanders supporters, too. And most Sanders supporters also like Tulsi.
As I like to say, if your only objection to Bernie is that he’s too old, or you don’t like the way he talks, or you think it is time we had a woman president, you should be supporting Tulsi. If you love Tulsi, but don’t think she can win for one reason or another, you should support Bernie.
If Tulsi drops out of the race, I expect she’ll throw her support to Sanders as well.

If creepy old Joe Biden, unable to get the women’s vote due to the way he treated Anita Hill, drops out of the race he’ll probably endorse a fellow conservative like Kamala Harris. If Kamala Harris eventually drops out of the race, which she really should do after the evisceration she received at Tulsi’s hand in the last debate, she’ll probably endorse Biden, or maybe Warren because the ladies have to stick together. With Warren, it’s a bit of a lose/lose. If she drops out and endorses somebody like Biden or Harris, we Berniecrats will see it as a confirmation that she always was the neoliberal snake we say she is, but if she endorses Bernie…. well, she may gain our forgiveness, but she’ll probably be giving up any aspiration of ever sitting in the oval office, ever. She’s not that young, either. When Buttigieg drops out (yes, I said when, not if) he will probably endorse whoever the DNC wants him to, which will certainly not be Bernie or Tulsi.
When Bennett, Delaney, O’Rourke, that guy from Colorado whose name sounds like chickenfucker, Klobuchar or Gillibrand drops out, nobody will pay too much attention to who they endorse, because they’ve never polled higher than 1% anyway.
That’s all speculation, though, and largely irrelevant. The only endorsement needed is the endorsement of the American people. And I think either Bernie or Tulsi can win that.
Thank you, Mike Gravel, for speaking the truth.

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