Tulsi and the Polls

The DNC and the MSM seem absolutely determined to keep Tulsi Gabbard out of the next debate. First, they raised the requirements. After she got her 65,000 individual donors, spread across the correct number of states, to get into the first debates, and after she knocked Tim Ryan out of the race and totally eviscerated Kamala Harris, they decided to raise the standards again, saying that candidates must poll above 2% in at least four ‘qualifying’ polls, but I guess the DNC determines what is a qualifying poll, and they’ve only had one of them since the debates, both of which ended with Tulsi Gabbard being the candidate most people searched on Google.
Now, there could be a couple different reasons why she was the most searched on Google, admittedly. Not everybody that searched is automatically going to vote for her. It could be they searched because she was a candidate they’d never heard of before, which right there is a sign that the MSM is not doing their job. It could be she was the most searched because she was the best looking woman on the stage, and a lot of people think like that. Or, it could be she was the most searched because people heard what she said, liked it, and wanted to know more about her. That’s why Google suspended her ad account, so that people who googled her wouldn’t see any of her ads, and that’s why she’s suing Google for $50 million.
So, it’s pretty clear that there is some bias against Tulsi among people with serious money and power.
Which brings us to the polls. Why aren’t the polls done on a regular, predictable schedule, by reputable and accountable agencies who aren’t beholden to one party or the other, who publish their numbers and methodology and are totally transparent?
How can they say “You have to break 2% in 4 polls,” and then not have any polls.
And how in the world did people like Amy Klobuchar and Corey Booker qualify? I don’t see any huge, grass-roots movement for them like I see for Tulsi. I don’t see them putting forth any message that would get people excited. Quite honestly, it seems to me that these constantly changing requirements are designed specifically to knock her out of the race.
If Tulsi is not on the next debate stage, and Kamala Harris is, there will be rage.

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