Bernie and the Press

The headline read “Daily Kos Presidential Primary Poll: Corn-Free Edition” and the picture showed the table where the kernel poll – in which everybody over the age of 18 can vote by putting a kernel of corn into a glass jar- was taking place at the Iowa State Fair, and it was pretty obvious that Bernie was kicking butt.
So, I clicked on the article. After opening with a few disparaging remarks about corn and the great state of Iowa, where I’m from, they got to “Here at the Daily Kos we count clicks and not kernels,” as if that’s any better, and they showed the results of their own poll.
They never once mentioned the results of the kernel poll, which I thought was kind of bullshit, because they made it their headline and headline picture.
So, I looked at a couple of other sources, where they did not have Bernie winning the kernel poll either, again in contradiction to the picture. Technically possible, I suppose. Buttigieg’s jar had almost as many kernels as Bernie. You couldn’t actually see Biden’s or Warren’s jars in the photo. But, I suspect they just fiddled the results, because they’re doing that all the time, blatantly now.
Then there was the New York Times reporter, who wrote that ‘Bernie walked around the fairground and didn’t talk to anybody,’ which was obviously not true. His speech drew a bigger crowd than any other candidate. I suppose maybe she meant he didn’t stop and have individual conversations with a lot of people, but I saw a video where he was talking to a reporter, and there was a huge crowd of people walking with them.
It would be nice if we had ethical, unbiased sources for our news, but at least we should have a media which is not flat out lying to us all the time.

But, we don’t.

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