The New Burger

As with many things that I don’t care a lot about, I will wait and see. It is interesting, though, if it’s true. Burger King, and a lot of other places that sell hamburgers, are peddling a new kind of burger, a veggie burger but not like previous veggie burgers.
The word is that scientists have finally figured out what gives meat it’s delicious flavor that makes it so much more viscerally desirable than vegetables, and you really can’t tell the difference. Well, we’ve heard this kind of thing from vegetarians before. I remember, decades ago, I’d been hearing from a lot of my vegetarian friends that tofu burgers were delicious, you couldn’t tell them apart from meat, so I tried one.
Well, I hate to call a whole class of people liars, but they were at best seriously delusional. I can accept that. They see it as a moral cause and are willing to propagandize a little bit. It’s not like a deliberate misrepresentation, more that they got carried away with their own bias. It happens. We can still be friends, but tofu does not taste like meat.
Will this be the same, or will it totally taste like meat?
Bear in mind, this is not the experimental science where they take a few meat molecules and stretch them, essentially turning it into a factory process and making animal-less meat. This is the science that puts together a mix of vegetables, spices, whatever to wind up with an artificial meat flavor.
Both hold promise for the future. I love eating meat, but if either of these technologies can replace it, it might go a long way toward saving what little rain forest we have left.
I’ll write on this again after I get around to trying it.

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