Joe Biden is Senile

It’s hard to know at one point ‘a propensity for gaffes’ becomes ‘clear evidence of senility’ but it’s clear that Joe Biden has passed it.
Since becoming a candidate for president, he has sent potential followers on a wild goose chase by saying “Go to Joe 30330” instead of “text 30330,” referred to Theresa May as Margaret Thatcher (twice), and confused Burlington, Iowa with Burlington, Vermont, which I guess is understandable. He’s running for the presidency, not applying for a job as a travel agent. He’d be a disaster as a travel agent.
He has also said, while speaking at an Asian-Latino conference “Poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids.” It may not be actual proof of racism, but it sure sounds racist, somehow. In response to a week of back to back mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, he offered sympathy to the people in “Houston and Michigan,” which took some of the heat off president Trump, who offered his condolences to people in Toledo. It’s as if they are in a competition for who can say the stupidest thing. At the Iowa State Fair (a lot of these gaffes seem to have happened in Iowa – I don’t think that’s relevant, but I haven’t seen anybody else point it out yet, so there it is) he said “We choose truth over facts,” which is kind of a strange thing to say. Truth is good and all, but facts are also good, and facts are true, so what was he saying, really?
But none of those gaffes are as damaging as the ones in this video, where he seems to say that Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated in “the 70s, late 70s.” Now, it could be argued that he was correct, because he was talking about when he got engaged in politics and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King had been assassinated by then (1968), but then his explanation was rambling and incoherent and implied that men have better memories than women and something something hippies. It was slurred. Really, just watch the video. Share it with everybody. It is clear evidence that Joe Biden belongs in a nursing home, and not on the campaign trail.

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