Voyager and Warriors

I was watching a bit of Voyager today, like 3 or 4 episodes, and it suddenly struck me how similar it is in plot and theme to the 1979 cult classic The Warriors.
Since I enjoyed that film, I felt no conflict in the comparison.

Think about it, though: The Voyager crew (the Warriors) were hurled into the Delta Quadrant (North Bronx) and are trying to find their way back to Earth (Coney Island). Along the way (in every episode) they meet rival gangs (evil aliens) who are dressed in the most outrageous costumes ever seen outside of a Pride Parade. And they proceed to either beat the hell out of them or escape from them in some very clever way. The fight scenes may take place with baseball bats (phazers, photon torpedoes) or other strange devices (really, in the 24th damned century, what is the point of something like a batleth existing?)

I suppose it’s a classic plot line, trying to fight your way back home. Come to think of it, that’s the plot of the Odyssey, and that’s so old nobody knows if the author even existed.
So, why mess with a winning formula?

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