Good Day, Bad Day

Greta Thuneberg is in New York and that’s good, I’ve enjoyed watching her trip across the Atlantic and think that was an awesome gesture on her part – keeping things carbon neutral.
In bad news, the DNC is still determined to keep Tulsi out of the 3rd debate and it looks as if they will be successful. They have made it completely clear that they will fight dirty, they will do everything they can to make sure progressives do not gain power. It’s a shame, really. Progressives did not start this war, but we can no longer ignore it.
In bad news from the U.K., Boris Johnson is actually trying to shut down congress, as if he’s a dictator or something.
In my own personal news of the day, I wrote and posted two poems this morning. There was one, about 8 stanzas long, all about how complicated our life on Earth is, how many things we have to keep in our heads all at once just to have a normal existence. It rhymed throughout, it had several beautiful, thoughtful, poetic lines. I was quite proud of it, really.
The other was an extremely silly 4 liner about how if you have an onion and divide by pi, you get an opinion. Just a silly play on words, and I questioned whether I should post it at all.
I posted both of them on 3 different poetry sites. On two of them, the short poem got boatloads of likes and inspired spirited conversation in the threads. On the 3rd site, admins review everything before publication, so there’s often a delay of a day or two, but I expect it will be the same kind of thing.
On the one hand, I’m glad people like something I wrote, even if I don’t consider it my best work. On the other, I’m kind of miffed that nobody responds when I write something that’s actually good (and took a bit of work, besides)
But long term it doesn’t matter. Both poems now exist, and will eventually find their way into my next book, which is probably about a year away.

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