Voter’s Guide, September ’19

Just had a conversation (on Facebook) with my nephew, who is an ardent 2nd amendment supporter, and he said he’s less likely to vote for Sanders because of Sanders stance on guns. Well, we sure don’t agree on that issue, but it got me thinking about how many things are important to different people, and that led to this:

If saving the planet is your main issue, then you should vote for Sanders. Tulsi is pretty good on the environment, too, as are Jay Inslee and Mike Gravel, but they are out. Sanders’ environmental plan is the most comprehensive environmental plan I have ever seen from any politician anywhere. It includes lots of cool stuff like small, organic farms, high speed trains, and a better infrastructure for electric cars, and it not only will pay for itself with sales of electric energy from solar panel and wind turbines but it will create a whole new revenue stream and a couple of million new jobs and all.
If universal health care is the main thing for you, Bernie wrote the damn bill.
If you are burdened with college debt, or if you are about to go to college, and you don’t particularly care for the idea of a lifetime of debt, you should vote for Bernie.
If you, like me, smoke large amounts of the beloved herb, marijuana, then you should vote for Sanders, probably. Lots of candidates have come out in favor of legalization, even the crooked cop lady, but there are only a couple I think are sincere. Biden, being an old fossil, is still opposed.
If you’re making less than $15 an hour, you should definitely vote for Bernie. You deserve a raise.
Abortion. If you’re pro-choice, then you should vote for Bernie. I’m sure most of the female candidates, in facet most of the candidates, are pretty much the same on this issue. Buttigieg had a real good statement on it. But Bernie’s been fighting for this since BEFORE Roe v. Wade. How many of them can say THAT, huh?
If you vote according to character, you should vote for Bernie. He’s got so much character he IS a character. He doesn’t take bribes, i.e. corporate and PAC donations. There are only a couple of candidates who can say that, and Elizabeth Warren is not one of them. He’s never been implicated in any kind of a scandal, and he plays baseball and basketball with kids.
If you really insist on a female candidate, it should probably be Tulsi. She’s the closest you can get to Bernie without being Bernie.
If you’re voting on the basis of electability, you should vote for Bernie. He’s popular in the rust belt, which is essential to the Democrats, and polls show him beating the short fingered vulgarian by over 10 points. He’s even polling ahead of Trump in Texas.

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