Looking for the Right Rhyme

When people who are not oppressed
go marching in the street
and they wave their misspelled banners
and stomp their angry feet
“We are white, male, heterosexuals!
Life is so unfair!”
We all just look at them and laugh
’cause no one really cares

This was a little poem I wrote this morning. It took a while between inspiration and completion because I was looking for a true zinger of a last line but you’d be surprised how few good rhymes there are for ‘losers’ or for ‘pathetic.’
This is a bit of a problem with rhyming poetry. Very often it winds up being watered down, confined, forced into being something it was originally not. Of course, in less regulated forms, such as blank verse and Facebook comments, there are no such restrictions and plenty of people are already expressing their opinions in that way.
A poem, especially a rhyming poem, winds up being what it can within the constraints of meter and the actual sounds and meanings of words, much like a river is constrained by its banks. The banks themselves may change, over the centuries, but they hold for a good long while. The life of a great poem is longer than the life of a person, for sure.
I suppose it’s just as well. Maybe the poem is better this way.

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