To Every Thing There is a Season

The kids are back in school so it is quiet in the house. It marks a change, and I’m a bit sad at the end of this summer. It was a very pleasant summer. A memorable vacation in the Balkans, finished and published one book of poetry (Cup of Tea – just click above, on this page, the little box that says ‘poetry’) and spent a lot of time on Facebook, watching Netflix, and sitting around getting high.
But, change is good and change is inevitable and change is the essence of our lives. As far as changes to the Earth are concerned, we are moving from wildfire season into hurricane season, which won’t help Brazil much. First of all, since the fires are south of the Equator, the seasons are different, secondly ‘fire season’ and ‘hurricane season’ are not exactly the same as spring, summer, winter and fall and a whole host of local conditions enter the picture, and third and mostly, those aren’t wildfires. Those are totally deliberate and planned fires. The Amazon rainforest isn’t burning, it is being burned.
So, change. We need change, and we need changes but, even as dire as the world situation is, there are still a lot of changes that could make the world a worse place.
We need positive change. Rather urgently.

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