Happy Birthday, Bernie!

Yes, it is Bernie Sanders birthday and he is very old, except that doesn’t matter because he’s in super good shape and plays baseball and basketball, none of that weenie golf shit because he’s a working class guy.
Since it’s his birthday, I don’t want to go into the whole screed in detail, about saving the environment and giving everybody health care and making colleges free and getting money out of politics and legalizing marijuana and ending private prisons and all that other good stuff.
Those are reasons to vote for him but since it’s his birthday I wanted to tell you why I like him as much as I do, why millions of us are so vocal on his behalf that we seem, to an outsider, to be a cult.
For years I bought the propaganda about how the U.S. was just a right wing society, had a completely different mindset than people in places like Europe, and Australia. I’d pretty much given up hope of ever getting anybody elected who was to the left of Obama or Clinton, both of whom I supported at the time and both of whom were big disappointments.
Then along came Bernie. Suddenly I realized that there were millions of people who agreed with me that rich people should pay taxes, that we should end homelessness and poverty by giving everybody jobs repairing the environment, that universal health care was just the normally decent way to run a health care system.
Bernie Sanders made me realize that I am not alone, that there are many millions of other people who want the same things. That, in fact, we are the majority.

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