I just saw the headline “Republican Something-or-Other Say Government is Covering Up UFOs.” I didn’t bother reading the article because I doubted that it would contain any new information. Just some guy saying the government is lying to us and the only thing that makes that newsworthy is that he is a Republican, i.e. usually working on the side of the people who are lying to us most.
When it comes to UFOs, the government might be lying to us. Or they might not. Most serious scientists say there’s no solid proof that extraterrestrial beings have ever visited the Earth, but maybe they’re not getting all the info, either.
I suspect the government is lying to us damned near all the time. They concealed information about global warming for a generation, they have been lying to the public about marijuana since the 1930s, and they have lied to us about war after war after war, going all the way back to 1812, and I am certainly convinced they lied about 9/11. The government lies. The government conceals stuff.
I can’t see the motivation, though, in this case. It seems to me that if ‘the government’ (in quote marks because I’m mostly talking about the U.S. government, but they are not alone. There is little doubt the Czech government lies, and conceals stuff. Or the Chinese. Or the Israelis.) knew about the existence of extraterrestrials, they would put that news on blast. What a great enemy! What a great excuse to consolidate their power! People would be terrified and perfectly willing to accept curfews, random inspections, armed soldiers on all the rooftops – everything those in government want. Because people in government almost always want more government.

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