A Tactical Suggestion

I must admit, I have underestimated the amount of resistance there is to Bernie among the DNC and the media. When Bernie has a huge crowd, you hear about it on social media, especially if you are already on board with Bernie, but not so much if you are still getting most of your information from TV, or newspapers.
Consider Whoopi Goldberg. Here is a woman who comments on politics on a national network, and up until a week or so ago she had no idea that Bernie is in favor of making large corporations pay their fair share of taxes. She honestly had no idea.
So, we have to find a way to get more TV exposure, and we don’t really have a lot of money. No matter how many of us send $27, it won’t outweigh the millions and hundreds of millions the big money people are prepared to invest in this.
So, here’s one suggestion. Start following the news. I mean, start following reporters from CNN, and NBC, and CBS, and ABC, and Fox. Stand behind them with Bernie signs, and wearing Bernie T-Shirts, whenever they are interviewing somebody at a Warren rally, or talking to some party hack about how Joe Biden can unify the party.
Sure, they may get confrontational, and ask you to move. I’m not suggesting anybody should get aggressive, or risk jail, but you’ve always got the right to be on a public sidewalk.
This may not be the classiest, or most mature suggestion, and I’m sure that Bernie himself would never suggest it. Sure would get people talking about him, though, and whenever people are talking about Bernie, Bernie always wins. Because he’s got the best policies, and he’s not crooked.

p.s. this campaign tactic would work for supporters of Tulsi Gabbard, as well

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