Second Hand Debate Analysis

It’s second hand because I didn’t actually watch the debate.. Live was not going to happen. I suppose I could have found it streaming on the internet if I’d wanted to stay up until 3 in the morning because of, you know, time zones.
And then, while perusing the comments on it this morning, the general consensus was that it was a bit of a snoozefest. Tulsi was not invited (if you want to have a party, you’ve got to invite the popular girl, you know), and Bernie wasn’t called on to talk much. They didn’t even ask him about climate change, and that’s his topic more than anybody’s, now the Inslee’s out of the race.
I guess the best moment was Biden’s ‘gaffe’ although it wasn’t really that much of a gaffe, by Biden standards. Freudian slip maybe. Or, just an idea that’s so heavy in the air that his senile old man senses somehow picked it up. Whatever the reason, he referred to Bernie Sanders as ‘president’ before correcting himself and saying ‘my friend from Vermont.’ See, it’s not as big a gaffe as saying ‘Raprock Obama’ or ‘President My Boss.’
Anyway, I sure like the sound of this one. President Sanders. Let’s just call him that from now on. It’s a good joke on crooked old Joe, and it’s a basic principal in 9 out of 10 self-improvement guides that you should visualize the win, in order to make it so.
Thanks for the boost, Joe. We Berners appreciate it.

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