Too Soon

There are issues I have strong opinions and care very much about, such as saving the planet, legalizing marijuana, and Bernie Sanders should be president.
Then there are issues I don’t care very much about at all, not enough to have even formed an opinion. Like the toilet paper argument. Do you place it on the roller so that the paper comes down in the back like a duck’s ass, or so that it comes over the top and down the front, like an elephant’s trunk? I don’t care. As long as there’s paper, I’m good.
Then there are some things in the middle, that are really unimportant in the grand scheme of things – they will neither hasten nor divert the ecological disaster heading our way – but I just can’t help having an opinion on them any way. Star Trek is better than Star Wars, Hawaiian Pizza is a perfectly acceptable thing to order now and again, and Holidays should stay in their own damned month.
Christmas has been gradually spreading its evil, jingly bell tentacles back and back, until they had to invent Black Friday as sort of a barrier fence to protect Thanksgiving. Here, where Thanksgiving is not a thing, except occasionally among groups of expats, you start seeing Christmas ads even earlier.
This year it seems Halloween is getting jealous, and is starting to carve out a larger section of the calendar for its own bad self. I’m seeing the ads already. Which is sort of ridiculous, as much as I enjoy Halloween.

You can have a costume party any time you like, and nobody will object if you serve candy. Everybody likes candy. But, the black and orange everything, and the whole monster, ghost and graveyard shtick, should be limited to the last week of October.

There have to be limits, people. Otherwise, it is anarchy and madness.

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