The Ideal Candidate

In order to defeat Trump, the Democrats should nominate a candidate who is as different from Trump as possible. His polar opposite, if you will.

Democrats should run an anti-racist to run against the racist Trump. I think most of them are fairly decent on this score, although Biden pretty much lost the black vote with his idiotic ‘leave the record player on all night’ comment.
Democrats should run a lucid, coherent nominee to run against the blathering Trump. This certainly rules out Biden. Probably O’Rourke as well.
Democrats should nominate a compassionate nominee to run against the heartless Trump. I don’t think anybody really thinks of Amy Klobuchar as compassionate.
Democrats should nominate an honest,uncorrupted nominee to run against the lying, corrupt Trump. Boom. Down goes Warren.
Democrats should nominate somebody with a long record of political experience to run against the businessman outsider Trump. So, you can cross out Buttigieg, Steny, Yang, Williamson, and Messam.
Democrats should run an intelligent person to run against the stupid Trump. Actually, I think they’re doing O.K. on this score.
They need a scandal-free candidate to run against the scandal encrusted Trump. That knocks Harris right out – we Berners have talked about her corrupt record as California AG, which resonates with Democratic voters. Republicans will be all over her relationship with Willie Brown.

The Democrats should nominate either Bernie and/or Tulsi. That is, if they sincerely want to win the election.

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