De Blasio’s Defeat

Bill De Blasio is out of the race, and no one is terribly surprised. He was polling at about 0%, well below the feel good guru who’s a friend of Oprah, the unpopular mayor of a suburb of Chicago, and the crazy millionaire who would cut all social programs and just give everybody $1,000 a month.
But why was the mayor of New York City doing so badly? He had name recognition. Well, here’s my theory:
Outside of New York City, he’s remembered for one thing, and that is his cringeworthy crawling onstage to kiss Hillary Clinton’s feet shortly before the New York primaries in 2016 (which she went on to win through massive cheating). She made him apologize for not endorsing her sooner and made him participate in that embarrassing racist skit, which was not even slightly funny. The black actor who participated in it should be embarrassed as well, and I’m sure it hasn’t helped his career any.
At any rate, that’s what sticks in my mind when I think of Bill de Blasio and I suspect the Democratic voters are roughly divided into three camps vis a vis Mayor Bill. There are those who have never heard of him, those who were totally pissed off at that skit and almost all of whom are voting for Sanders, except for those Sanders supporters who are currently supporting Tulsi Gabbard, and those who live in New York City, who apparently aren’t supporting him in droves or he’d have at least 1%.
He was not the worst of the candidates. There are certainly others who are less qualified. But, one more Clinton ass-kisser is gone and I’m very happy about it.

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